Why are you deleting this acc if you are okay with KhunFany?


it has nothing to do with khunfany…im deleting it because i have no time to update about 2pm. if you look at one of my previous posts..youll see that i was planning to delete it. i have like 3 other tumblr accounts..and its hard to manage everything while I’m studying..SO , I’m deleting everything. :) okay? lol

so before i completely delete this account ~ id just like to say a few words. and as you can all probably guess…its about nichkhun and tiffany dating .

firstly id just like to say : one of my friends are on tumblr and follows me (you know who you are) and so to you T_____ … just bear with me and DONT laugh at me when you see me :P HAHAHA

so back to my point….as you know…tiffany and nichkhun are now dating…and I’m pretty sure EVERYONE is going fucking crazy !! 
i am DEFINITLY a khuntorian and i have been shipping khuntoria since i watched wgm…but…lets face it…. if they’re not dating, they’re not dating..and honestly we should just be happy for nichkhun and tiffany. and even though i don’t ship khunfany and nichkhun together, thats none of our business….theyre free to do what they like and date who they like.
now we never know…maybe khun and vic did date ? maybe they didn’t…maybe khun and fany have been dating for 4 months ? maybe longer. but my point is WHO CARES. I mean its not like we can do anything about it right ? lol 
i mean my heart did explode into about 100000 pieces when i heard he was dating tiffany and no vic, but you know what..im happy for him.
so to the khunfany shippers out there : yay, and DONT bash the khuntorians. and to the khuntoria shippers out there … DONT bash the khunfany shipper’s and just be happy khun is happy…and you also NEVER know whats gonna happen in the end :P HAHA

so , ill be deleting this account in a few days…but just thought id get this out for now :)
khunfany fighting ! khuntoria fighting ! khun fighting ! tiffany fighting ! and victoria fighting ! hahaha

p.s: i seriously think nichkhun and victoria deserve a fucking oscar for their acting on wgm…i mean…they had us all fooled . hahaha

aniyoo guys ~ don’t fight my dear shippers. !!
Hey guys ~ I know this is super later by I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and new year and had the best sleep they could possibly have :) 

Firstly I want to say sorry… I haven’t updated in who knows how long and I feel horrible because so many things have happened for me to blog about and now I just don’t know where to start .. 미안해

I’m going to make excuses .. Even though I know I shouldn’t .. Bascially I’ve been on holiday and when I got back I started uni … Which has been super busy .. 
Anyways … I feel bad that I can’t Post as much as i used to .. And I feel that maybe I should delete my blog and get another 2pm blogs a chance..
What do you guys think? Should I delete my blog or should I just update once in awhile when I can?! 

감사합니다 !! 사랑해요 !
Hi there, I saw your post bout 2PM isn't nominated in MAMA 2013. I'm glad that Hottests have the same opinion. I was pissed off this morning when I checked out the nomination & 2PM isn't nominated. I mean they just released an album and It's FREAKING GOOD. 2PM has been in this industry for 5 years and they are known worldwide they shouldn't do this.I don't why they didn't include 2PM. Yes, I agreed with u about SM's artists. They're just everywhere. I thought I can see 2PM win awards this year


hey !! i totally understand :( its sucks right ? i wish as fans, we could do something, but somehow SM artist are EVERYWHERE … i mean no hate…i love f(x) and SHINee , but yea, don’t worry, talent is talent, and 2pm having that talent will last long in the industry itself, but SOME artists that SM produce that are not so talented, they won’t last that long ~ as long as us hottests stand together I’m sure thats enough for 2pm . :) 

honestly i dont know whether to cry or throw my laptop out my window, but im quite disappointed that 2pm wasn’t nominated for the MAMA awards.yes i am biased, obviously, but like…the fact is 2PM IS TALENTED, and sure they’re amazingly goodlooking, but people fail to see past that and look at how they ALL have improved vocally, the amount of work they individually put into their album, with composing, writing lyrics and such and the fact is they’ve been doing this for a while now..its not like they jUST started doing this .i hate how people think that 2pm isnt talented .. like i dont know if you’re deaf or what but seriously, 2pm seems to be able to cover almost all types of genres and pull it off - its not the same sorta “tune” in every single album they bring out .plus i feel the kpop would is SM biased . dont get me wrong i LOVE F(x) and SHINee, but SM artists seem to be every fucking where and let me just say…that not all of them are THAT talented…there are so many other groups/artists that are so much more talented and don’t get enough recognisition cause fucking SM is everywhere … and SM only seems to promote those that get them money, hey dont really look at talent ….. (for example the fact that f(x) still haven;t had a tour yet and their proBably one of the best girl groups in kpop, that can sing AND dance AMAZINGLY.)ANYWHO, but side tracked there, i hope we, as hottests, can try help 2pm be recognised for their true talents and personalities, not just their looks because they do so much for their “fans” and this is the least we could do for them .2PM FIGHTING ~

(sorry for the rant guys) 
yea ~ im excited ^^ 
from where are your last gifs taken?


It was the 2pm google+live dream date hangout :)

heres the link if you wanna watch it:


2pm <3 <3